Makeup By Heather

Makeup By Heather
Self taught makeup artist. Special Effects Makeup is my favorite but my skills also include Bridal, Prom, Everyday and any Occasion makeup.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Makeup by me

So, I have been so busy I haven't had time to get on here every time I had a makeup look I wanted to share with you all so I figured I'd do one big post and put them all on here :)  I've had a few makeup jobs lately so here's the results.....

My long time friend just started Cosmetology school and they are having themed days so she asked me to do a baseball mask for sports day and Sally makeup from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas so here are the two looks.

I've been wanting to play around with highlighting and trying to get some costume makeup more 3-D and realistic so I practiced this black masquerade mask on myself.  I was really happy with how it turned out!!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

So a few nights ago I was in a mood to play with my costume makeup that I hadn't touched for awhile because, well it's not Halloween, and that is usually when I use it.  So I pulled it out and wanted to do a no mouth/speak no evil type of deal totally sucked. That is the picture right under this text.  I was frustrated and annoyed because if I had been practicing more I would of probably nailed it.  I ripped it off (it was just latex and toilet paper) and was going to just jump in the shower and give up but then I decided to try again but do a zombie look because zombies are my specialty during Halloween time and I am ALWAYS trying to improve them (have a big new plan to try out soon for a different type of zombie look).  I am doing a big photo shoot next month where I will be doing zombie makeup, regular dirty looking people that are running from zombies and also photographing the whole things myself......going to be a big job but I think I am the best at zombies so I want to highlight it and then put the photos in my portfolio to show people during Halloween. 

So this is the zombie look that I came up with, I had already posted some darker creepier pictures of this but I decided to show a brighter one where you can see the colors and details better.  I did an opened up rotting jaw and two wounds.  I was going for a nasty infected look so I did the veins coming off of each wound to give a "the infection is spreading" type of thing.  I usually do my zombie wounds much darker but because I was going for a rotten infected look I decided to put a lot of yellow and green in the surrounding skin of the wounds.  I took the veins down my neck but cut it off there.  I was surprised myself with how good this turned out.  It was one of the best zombies I've done (besides the one I did on my husband where he was missing an eye lol).  It gave me a lot of much needed confidence for the shoot next month.  What I love the most about zombies is that every single one I do is never the same, I try sometimes to replicate exactly what an old one looked like but they always turn out just a little different and unique.  

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Zombie Makeup

 Hadn't touched my special effects makeup for awhile so I decided to play around with it a couple nights ago and I have to say, this was one of the best zombie looks I've came up with.  I was going for a nasty infected wounds type of zombie with the veins coming off of all the wounds like the infection was spreading.  I used the Ben Nye Zombie Wheel to create this look as well as liquid latex, toilet paper and some eye liner.  Super easy and quick and turned out amazing!

My first on site bridal makeup job

 The beautiful bride.  She wanted a smokey plum eye look with winged liner and false lashes so this is what we came up with at her trial and then I re-created it on site for her wedding.  
 One of the Bridesmaids, she wanted something colorful and bold with some false lashes.  I was only there to do the brides makeup but I had some extra time so I helped the bridesmaid and the sister of the bride with their eye shadow.  
 Here's a closer look at the bridesmaid's makeup.  These girls were great to work with, fun and they were loving all the makeup tips I was giving them as I did the makeup.
 Sister of the bride and the bride.

I was so busy doing the makeup so I was so appreciative that the mother of the bride got a shot of me doing the makeup.  Hard to get these kind of shots when your hands on doing makeup the whole time, usually my husband photographs for me during the makeup process but he was busy so I was glad that she got the photo for me!!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Gluten free makeup products

So I have had some reactions to makeup containing gluten lately so I have been doing tons of research on what gluten is listed as on makeup, lotions, body wash, etc. and I wanted to share the products that I have found in case anyone else is having trouble finding them or knowing what they are. 

I e-mailed Urban Decay and they told me to list every product that I own and they would confirm if it has gluten or not, I asked about all three naked palette's, the electric palette, vice palette (1&2), single eye shadows, primers, lipsticks,  and the super saturated high gloss lip colors and lastly setting spray. 

Their response was: 
Hello Heather,
Thank you for your email reply. All shades in the palettes are gluten free EXCEPT the Electric Pigment Palette.  The primers all three shades are gluten free but the Anti-Aging one is not. All Super-Saturated shade do have gluten. And lastly, the setting sprays are all gluten free.
Please note the gluten ingredient name is tocopherol. This will be listed in the ingredient list so you can review the list and find out for future items.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to reply to this email.

I then had to reply and ask about more products that I forgot that I had from them which were:  brow box in honey pot, shattered face case, Theodora palette, lip gloss and the dangerous palette.

It's the weekend so I haven't gotten a response from them but I know that their brow boxes use to be gluten free so that one I just wanted to confirm and as far as I was aware Urban Decay has no eye shadows that contain gluten just the pressed pigment palette (electric palette). But it's good to confirm because products change so much. I also know that all of the 24/7 eye liners contain gluten. Their liquid liners, ink for eyes cream eye liner and heavy metal glitter liners are all gluten free. Surreal skin mineral makeup, razor sharp ultra definition finishing powder, de sick in a tube, lip love honey infused lip therapy, body bronzer, body shimmer and  sparkling lickable body powder are all gluten free as well. 

I will update this post with their response when I receive it, most likely Monday. 

Elf e-mailed back quickly and responded:

Thank you for your interest in e.l.f. Cosmetics. Our products do not contain gluten or beeswax. Please be aware, however, that we cannot guarantee that the machinery used to process our products are completely gluten free.

The only product I asked Benefit about was their porefessional and it is gluten free. 

Too Faced Naked Eye palette is the only thing I own from them and it is gluten free. 

Mac's gluten free products are: Studio finish matte fondation, lipglass, lipsticks except for the amplified creme lipsticks, eye shadows (contain soy), fix + (contains soy), fluidline, frost lipstick (contains soy), full coverage foundation, glaze lipstick (contains soy), green gel cleanser (contains soy), lustre lipstick (contains soy)
lustreglass (contains soybean extract), matte lipstick, plushglass (contains soy), powerpoint pencil (contains soy), satin lipstick (contains soy), select spf 15 foundation (contains soy), select spf 15 moistureblend foundation ( contains soybean oil), select sheer loose powder (contains soy), select sheer pressed powder (contains soy), sheertone blush, studio finsih concealer, studio finish pressed powder (contains soy), studio fix fluid foundation (contains soy), studio fix powder plus foundation, studio mist blush (contains soy), studio mist foundation, studio tech foundation (contains soy)

Products containing gluten:
tinted lip conditioner
amplified creme lipstick
day spf 15 light moisture
fast response eye cream
pre + prime skin

I have read on a gluten free blog that mac's paint pots are gluten free but tocopherol is one of the ingredients to I need to confirm that with mac. 

shattered glass face

 This was my first attempt at making a "shattered glass" effect on my face and I wasn't all that happy with it, came out a little bit too spider webby.

This was my second attempt, I have a steadier hand on other people sometimes so I decided to use my husbands face and I think it turned out better this time. I was able to get the  thinner and all in all I just liked it much better!!! yes I have been posting so many makeup looks lately but I have been dreaming makeup every night, all day all I think about it makeup, I see random people and tell my husband "omg I wish I could do their makeup, I'd do it......blah blah blah" haha I am obsessed......I am starting cosmetology school soon so I am very excited to do that!!! I have done freelance makeup for awhile but it would be nice to add more skills to my list! Someday I hope to do some bridal jobs (once I learn hair, who hires a separate hair and makeup artist now days when they can find one that does all???? duh!!!) Anyway I am very excited, my husband watches me do makeup in awe and it makes me feel even more excited. Once I start school I'm sure their will be sooooo many more posts!!! Stay beautiful and smile!

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colorful eyes using Urban Decay Vice palette!!!

So I had attempted to do a shattered glass effect on my face the other day and got some comments on my eye makeup (because I didn't take a pic before doing the costume makeup) so I decided to recreate it. The only difference this time was no false lashes because I had to run errands and I thought all these colors were pretty out there enough to not add lashes in the day time lol. Also I used Mac's lipstick in Hue on my lips because in the other pic I had used Urban Decays super saturated high gloss lip color and had a really bad painful reaction, I e-mailed them and asked about ingredients and it contained gluten which I am allergic to so I can no longer use them on myself. 

The little bump on my eye is also from using something with gluten in it :( ugh sorry. I wanted to post this so bad so I just did it anyways with the little bump and all. Don't worry I went thru every single product I own last night (which took me like 3 hrs!!!!) ugh and put everything containing gluten or soy in it's own drawer so I know not to use them on myself. I didn't think gluten and soy could affect my skin so that's why I hadn't done it sooner. 

All eye shadows are from the Urban Decay Vice Palette (which is gluten free), liner is wet n wild liquid liner in black, mascara is makeup forever smoky extravagant also in black. Brows are Urban Decay brow box in Honey Pot (gluten free). The primer I used was Mac's painpot in painterly which i'm not sure if it contains gluten or not so I will be calling them on monday to confirm this products as well as their mineralize skin finsh in soft n gentle. 

Face is Benefit's Porfessional primer (gluten free), Sonia kashuk liquid perfecting foundation (not gluten free :() Studio finish concealer in NW 20, ben nye translucent powder,  wet n wild pressed powder (gluten free), elf blush and bronzer. (no elf products contain guten.)

I will post a list of every single item that I have confirmed gluten free by the manufacturers. Urban Decay has been the most helpful so far, they will tell if there is gluten in ANYTHING and they respond super fast. I also have a list of a few gluten free Mac products but as I said earlier I need to confirm a few more that I own. I hope you guys liked this look, I didn't edit any pictures because I thought the colors came thru pretty good and didn't really see any need to edit them. Hope you all have a beautiful day and remember to smile.

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